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Our mission is to provide the solutions homeowners need to confidently make the best decisions for their home.


Eric & Family

My dad is one of those guys who can fix just about anything, from rebuilding a car engine to diagnosing an IT issue on your company's network (or some computer talk like that). Watching him fix things around the house and holding the flashlight while he rebuilt the engine on my first car taught me a lot. Mostly, I learned that mechanics wasn't my thing (and it's still a mystery how dad does it without cussing). Thanks dad for always giving it your best!

My journey into the world of construction began at age 15 during a summer when I got an opportunity. A church friend who was a contractor offered me a job. He built houses from scratch, handling everything from digging the footings to painting the final coat. After a couple of summers of working together, that gig turned into a full-time job. I picked up skills and knowledge across all aspects of residential construction. Thanks Mitch for teaching me so much.

After graduating high school, I started my career and at age 18, took on the challenge of building my first house. Well, let's be honest, building a whole house by yourself is nearly impossible-I had help-but I was the one making sure it all came together. I'm glad to say that the houses I built in my late teens and early 20s are still standing (or at least I think they are).


In 2001, I began working for my future father-in-law, who owned a residential remodeling company and a Re-Bath franchise in middle Georgia (the real reason, was that my future wife worked there. Seeing her was always the highlight of my day). I started there as a carpenter and gradually worked my way up to lead carpenter, estimator/sales, and eventually management. Over that 20-year period, I earned my Contractors License, Electrical License, and became a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer. In 2016, two partners and I bought the business, and we managed to triple the revenue. We even clinched the Re-Bath Franchise of the Year award!


Towards the end of 2020, I sold my shares in the company to my partners and embarked on a new adventure. Over the span of Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, I moved all our stuff from Georgia to Arkansas (believe it or not, it took three freaking trips! I hate moving). That same year, Ozark Home Pros was born. It started as Ozark Kitchens, then became Ozark Kitchens and Baths, and now it's Ozark Home Pros. It's been the same journey all along, but the focus evolved, and the name grew with it. In June 2023, we proudly became a Window Depot USA dealer for NWA.


Long story short, residential remodeling is all I've known as a career. With over 30 years (ouch, it hurts to say that!) of firsthand experience and lessons learned the hard way, I'd be honored if you consider us for your next project. Let our expertise, gained through dedication and trial, elevate your next home transformation.

Eric Barker

Founder & CEO


Eric Barker



Josten Hern

Design Consultant


Kyler Roy



Charis Barker

Finance & Implementer


Drew Rogers

Project Manager

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Justin Collins

Production Manager


Michael Tasker

Project Manager

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